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College Recruitment


Although playing sports offers immeasurable benefits for any and all that choose to participate, there is a next level to playing volleyball for those to choose to pursue it.  This is the COLLEGE BOUND ATHLETE.  Playing sports in high school or for club should not be with the sole expectation of playing in college, however for those to choose to achieve to this level, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.  Club Director Brian Adams has an amazing eye for scouting college level talent and abilities.  He is able to train you up, identify the strengths that colleges are looking for and help you with recruitment from college coaches.  Brian's previous years working with National Scouting Report makes him an expert in identifying exactly what college coaches are looking for and his coaching can help you get there. 

Here are just a few of the HVA College Volleyball Athletes

Email us at to schedule your college player evaluation

How does HVA help with college recruitment?
Club Director Brian Adams and coach Devyn Kalinowski are head of college recruitment

We have a new process to streamline helping you with your interest in playing in college.  

First players complete the college interest survey online.  After this is submitted a time will be set up during practice to assess their current level of skill.  (This will help determine what they need to work on prior to completing their skills video.) 

Next players will be given some time to work on specific skills and then schedule their specific skills video taping session. 
A time and date will be scheduled to create the skills video.  Cost for player $100 for gym rental and coach fee to record skills video. 

Editing and uploading video to YouTube, including banner page with stats.  $100 Cost for player. 

$50 for coach reaching out to your top 5 schools.

Total recruitment package/$250 player fee